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Why ByteIR?

ByteIR is an end-to-end model compilation solution, including frontends, compiler, and runtime, and provides a high-performance execution and a great user experience.

Enjoy SOTA models

ByteIR maintains the popular frontends to handle lowering many SOTA models into Mhlo, and also provides a model zoo for research or benchmarking purposes.

Just work

ByteIR adopts upstream MLIR dialects and Google Mhlo, and provides compatible passes, utilities, and infrastructure for all compiler builders using upstream MLIR. You can mix using ByteIR passes with upstream MLIR or Mhlo passes, or even your own passes to build your pipeline.

Bring your own architecture

ByteIR provides rich generic graph-, loop-, tensor-level, optimizations in Mhlo and Linalg, which allow DL ASIC compilers to reuse, and focus only on the last mile for their backends.

How it works

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